Content Management

Content strategy

- Editorial calendar development

- Hiring experienced, talented writers

- Brainstorming post ideas

- Formatting and publishing posts

- Developing a strategy for post promotion

I have written web copy for websites: About Time Magazine, Bar Chick, City A.M., Hostelbookers and Hostel World.

Social Media and Blogging

I have created and maintained social media sites for many clients. I am very efficient in the use and content strategy of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Snapchat. Ensuring that any enquires from your followers are answered in a timely fashion in the brand’s tone of voice.

Project Strategy

Winning a new PR contract takes time and a lot of effort. I find a fresh set of eyes is always welcome when pitching. It gives a new insight and perspective on your pitch and ideas that you and your team might not have thought of.

Project Strategy Services

- Brand research in mission, values, style and target audience

- Market research in sector, market value, trends and competition

- Creative campaign ideas

- Budgeting